Athens Day Three

The most notable event today was the Changing of the Guard at the Parliament building in Syntagma Square.

Two soldiers guard the memorial to fallen Greek warriors wearing uniforms representative of those worn by soldiers in ancient times and honoring soldiers at the time Greece won its independence from Turkey in 1832.

Their uniforms have skirts with 400 pleats, representing the 400 years of Turkish rule. The ceremony is an elaborate ballet-like exchange of shuffles, kicks, and broad arm movements.

The guards stand watch in pairs for a full hour in the sun or rain, in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. They are protected from overzealous tourists by a tough talking sargeant who allows pictures with the guards only one by one, and no touching allowed!

And yes, those are huge pompoms on their “ballet” shoes.







2 thoughts on “Athens Day Three

  1. Claudette & Bob:

    Your photos are beautiful — particularly the shot of the sunset. All of your photos give us a true sense of being there. Also, your narrative is quite engaging and helpful; particularly, as we would like to make it to Greece at some point in the near-future. We are really enjoying your blog.


    Mikalea & Dorian

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