Athens Day Four / Cruise Day One

23 September

We said goodbye to Athens by visiting the little Byzantine church again. The inside has three tiny chapels, each with exquisite icons– some in gold, some in silver, some both.

At 1300, we were picked up at the hotel and driven to Marina Zea in Pireaus where Galileo was docked. After a safety drill, we enjoyed Welcome cocktails as we motor sailed into the Agean Sea and met our fellow travelers.

We are a total of 26 with folks from Australia (5), Germany (3), Italy (2), Cypress (2), UK (6), Canada (4), and USA (4). The crew is from Greece, Austria, and the Ukraine. It is a wonderful international gathering, and all speak at least some English. (So far, I have not had much opportunity to speak any of the Greek I struggled to learn for the past six months!)

The island of Poros, a 3-hour sail from Pireaus, was our first port of call. After an elegant dinner on board, we strolled through the harbor. True to what we’d read about Greek culture, there were many family groups with the adults chatting and laughing while young children ran about– way after 2200!

We were the largest vessel in port (40 meters), but there were several private yachts almost as large!

After a nightcap and fun conversations, we retired to our cabin for a good night’s sleep (a bit disturbed by the engines starting at 0300 as we left port for the overnight trip to Poliegos, our next destination).







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