Cruise Day Two..Poliegos and Folegrandos

24 September

As we were still cruising and it was quite windy, our buffet breakfast was reminiscent of my racing days on San Francisco Bay…lots of rocking and rolling.

Our first stop for the day was for a swim while anchored off Poliegos, an uninhabited island where chalk was mined at one time. The water was absolutely brilliant in myriad shades of turquoise and blue. Although 8 meters deep at anchor, we could see the bottom!

The water is very salty, and one could almost float effortlessly. Bob went out on kayak as I watched from the deck.

Following the swim time, we were greeted back with a traditional Greek apperitif of ouzo, along with appetizers of grilled sausages.

A bbq lunch was served onboard–salad, spreads, grilled vegetables, and four kinds of meat..lamb riblets, chicken, pork kebabs, and meatblalls, as well as fish. Then baklava for dessert.

After lunch we set out for next port of call, Folegrandos, arriving there at 1800.

Folegrandos is a rocky, barren ridge 12 km in length and 4 km at its widest point. There is only one road connecting the 3 main settlements..the port of Karavostis, Chora the capital, and Ano Meria in the north.

We strolled thru Chora and had dinner at local estiatorio .. don’t know the name as it was written only in Greek letters. I had rabbit (they were out of goat) and matsasas (homemade egg noodles) with red sauce (actually an au jus to which tomatoes, onions, peppers, olive oil were added). Bob also had the rabbit, but with potatoes (fries..seems like potatoes are always fried unless otherwise stated). And local white wine, of course.

Folegrandos struck us as the quintessential Greek village, with its square white buildings, endless views, and even a mama goat feeding her two babies. And I actually got to practice speaking Greek (caught the attention of an elderly lady in the estiatoria and we exchanged greetings).

We were again greeted with ouzo upon re-boarding,then retired early in preparation for our arrival in Santorini tomorrow.











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