Cruise Day Four — Paros

26 September

A scheduled stop to Antiparos was unfortunately scrubbed due to high winds, so we headed off to Paros early in the AM, arriving in Naoussa Bay at 1000; Another swim stop had been planned on the way, but the wind was blowing hard and it took the crew most of an hour to put leashes on a “turtle” rock to hold our stern. We were taken ashore by tender at 1230 to explore and have lunch.

(We subsequently learned that winds of Beaufort scale 6+ were common in the Cyclades, especially at this time of year. I’m glad we didn’t know about that ahead of time because the trip was memorable regardless.)

We found an outdoor cafe along the harbor with an appealing menu, so looked no further. We enjoyed an eggplant salad (actually a spread, that’s what they call salads), taramasalate–pink caviar salad (spread), a particular fave of mine–and gigante beans (huge white beans in a tomato/ olive oil sauce), along with–you guessed it–some local white wine, that I am pleased to say I ordered in Greek. After I complimented the food (“para poli calla”), the owner brought us another half liter of wine “on the house,” followed be ouzo and dessert, also on the house!

From there we took a lcal bus to Parikia, the main city of the island. We walked around a bit then stopped at an outdoor cafe-bar facing the sea for…you guessed it…ice cream. It appears that eating ice cream and/or drinking coffee while watching the world go by is a major Greek pastime. The coffee is very strong, and the only decaf appears to be Nescafe instant. Small wonder there are always so many animated conversations going on!

Due to the bus schedule, we had less than an hour to spend in Parikia and had to catch the next bus back to the harbor in order to be on time for catching the tender that would take us back to Galileo.

Back in Naoussa, we walked aound a bit, visited a lovely little church, then sat at another cafe-bar by the harbor … but this time we had freddo (cold) cappuccino. We are catching on to this way of life and loving it!

Cafe-Bars have limited food offerings; they serve a myriad of coffee selections, wine, beer, spirits, and light snacks such as cheese trays, crepes, pizzas, and the like. They almost always serve a bottle of water and a snack plate of olives and/or nuts with the order. One can sit over these for as long as you like…in fact, it is often a challenge to get a check and pay the bill!

That evening on Galileo was Greek Night. Ouzo and octobus were served as appetizers, followed by a fab Greek buffet, then Greek dances. Two guest dancers performed traditional steps, followed by leading us in snake dances through the dining room. Such fun … Had not done that since I left my hometown in Massachusetts thirty years ago!






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