Cruise Day Six — Syros…We can’t make it back to Pireaus on Galileo!

28 September

It was yet another lovely blue sky sunny day, featuring a bus tour that included a swim and a stop at a beautiful nunnery (Santa Barbara), as well as a visit to the original settlement high above the harbor. We rode the bus most of the way up, then walked back down to Galileo.

Then we were advised that the Beaufort wind force 7-8 winds would keep G in the harbor and we would be transported back to Pireaus by ferry the next afternoon. Not anyone’s first choice, but it would give us a guided intro to the Greek ferry system.

That night was the Captain’s Farewell Dinner. We were invited to dress well, but no tux required. Several gentlemen found ties, but only one appeared in a suit. The ladies, of course, looked lovely.

We were served cocktails (wine and Kir Royal — champagne w/splash of Cassis), and appetizers. Following a very fine dinner service, the Captain made a nice speech, although his English was strained. He thanked us for being understanding about the weather, hoped we would come back to “sail” with him again (though motor sail is the reality, with the sails extended to help level the vessel).

After dinner, we were treated to hilarious entertainment be fellow passengers … and we thought Brits were a reserved lot!









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