More About Hydra

Hydra is unquestionably the most beautiful place we have visited. It is quiet and serene–no wheeled vehicles of any sort allowed. Donkeys are the main means of transport up the very steep hillsides.

Because it is now off-season (officially ends 30 Sept), it is really peaceful today, with only the occasional sounds of chatter and children playing. Cats rule here, as in most of Greece–we’ve only seen/heard a handful of dogs (though a really cute pug just visited with us).

The gift shops are still open, though, so life is good (for Claudette).

The harbor is packed with small vessels, a nice mix of work boats and cruising yachts. We so wish we had a few more days to enjoy and explore this place! Another trip must-do!

What we have so enjoyed all over Greece is the service, or lack thereof. You can sit for hours should you choose, over a cup of coffee for hours, or even if you don’t order a thing!

We ended our idyllic day in Hydra enjoying our evening ouzo and basking in the glow of a totally awesome sunset — pictures to come.




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