Nafplio Day Four

3 October

Today we walked back through the Old Town and, after enjoying “freddo capuccinos” (iced capuccino with loads of foam) and more walking, we had some amazing gelatto from a shoppe that we had read about and that was highly recommended by the desk clerk at Dafni. The owner, a very personable man, is from Italy and claims his is the “authentic” gelatto, unlike all the others that we say. He insisted we sit and enjoy, not walk out with it; then he gave us a tasting of “Limonello.” I thought it was another name for Limoncello, but he made it clear that this was far superior because it was made from Sicilian lemons!

Drinking coffee and/or eating ice cream from midday to early evening seems to be a Greek tradition..understandably given the usual heat of the day. Who were we to question that?!

Then we took a long walk along the shore after that to see up close some of the places we had observed while sailing yesterday. We found some steps that we thought led to a hillside church. When we got to the end of the stairway, we found a locked gate to a nunnery/monastery. All we could see was a charming courtyard, we were sorry not to be able to get in.

Climbing back down the stairs, though, we were treated to some beautiful views of the harbor and Bourtzi, the little fortress that sits in the middle of it. We decided that we would take the water taxi to visit that tomorrow before we got on the bus to our next destination.

After our now customary ouzo and snack apperitif, we had a nice, quiet dinner in Syntagma Square. Unlike the night before, there were only a few tourists and locals eating or strolling and four children playing. What a difference a day makes! Perhaps that was because some threatening storm clouds had appeared, though nothing happened, or maybe they were Athenians who had been visiting for the weekend.

We went back to the Pension feeling sad that this was our last full day in Nafplio, certainly hope to come back some day!


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