Porto Heli Day Five

8 October

We decided to spend our last day in P-H on the beach, and maybe sailing one of Poseidon Sports’ Hobie Cats. After picking up some take-away souvlaki gyros (a treat we’re going to miss, the gyros back home don’t begin to compare!), we walked to their beach for a picnic and a swim. Unfortunately, there was little to no wind so we decided not to attempt sailing. So Bob went into the sea for a swim while I waded and enjoyed sitting at the shore taking in some sun (with a big hat and sunscreen, of course). It was a nice, quiet afternoon.

Then we walked back to town and got some ice cream to cool off as the afternoon got really hot (eating a lot of ice cream is something else we’re going to miss–while some cafes and patisseries have on-the-street soft ice cream pumps, most have so-delicious gelato, at about 2 euros for two flavors of very large scoops that are way too creamy and delicious!).

Then we returned to our studio for a siesta, something we had learned to look forward to and enjoy. It’s a nice custom Greek people have–to come inside and stay cool during the heat of the day, then go back out in the evening. Some of the days were really hot during our stay, some days in the high 80s-mid 90s and almost always full sun; I can only imagine what it’s like the the summer temps soar. The good news is, there’s little humidity but there’s also little to no rain to cool things off.

After our siesta, we went for a walk and had an ouzo appertif and snack, then to out for dinner that evening at To Ouvlaki. The owner had told us earlier in the week that they would have live music — two men playing local instruments and singing, really good. Almost the best part, though, was that we got there after 2100 (most places begin to liven up at that time), which we had only managed to do once before.

At this estatiatorio, they present appetizers on a tray from which to select (much like dessert trays here); we chose melitzanosalata (eggplant spread) and spanakopita (spinach pie) accompanied with some great bread (as are all meals); for entrees, we chose fried calamari and fried gravlos (a very tiny fish that we’d previously had as a marinated appetizer).

Then we were presented with dessert on the house–some creamy yogurt topped with a homemade fig jam…yummy! I must say to our credit that we never ordered dessert during our stay, though we certainly enjoyed when it was offered.

Then we went back “home” to pack and get ready for our taxi ride to our next destination tomorrow morning.


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