Ermioni Day One

9 October

Our taxi picked us up at 1100 for the 20-minute drive to Ermioni. As we said goodbye to Porto Heli, we began to look forward to our next destination with mixed feelings–we were excited about staying in our Philoxenia Ganossi studio, but sad that these would be our last five days in the Pelopennese.

As we had visited there last week when we drove to the open market/bazaar, we knew our accommodation was a lovely studio with a balcony that had stunning views of both the sea and the neighboring small forest. After settling in, we took the five-minute walk downtown for lunch, and chose Ganossi estiatoria that overlooks the bay because it was associated with our accommodation.

We learned that the Ganossis family have been serving visitors to Ermioni since 1918; in fact, theirs was the first tarverna/hotel in the area. Now there are two studio complexes, the one by the forest and one in the center of town behind the taverna. Like most waterfront restaurants in Ermioni, it’s restaurant is in two parts: the al fresco dining facility, and one indoors across the street from which the food is prepared. They serve delicious Greek dishes and seafood based on traditional family recipes. (We later learned from someone who had lived in Ermioni for 11 years that they serve the best food in town.)

After an excellent lunch of spinakopita (spinach pie) and a mediterranean salad with a lemon dressing, we returned to the studio to finish unpacking and rest up from the heat of the day. When we went out for our evening walk, the air had changed significantly and it was apparent we were in for some weather — a strong wind was developing, as were increasingly heavy and grey clouds.

We started to walk through the forest but had to turn around halfway as the winds were very blustery. So we decided to walk downtown, have an early dinner, and go back to the studio and play cards for a while; and then retired early, looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure.


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