Our Last Days in Paradise

13-15 October 2011

Thursday is the regional open market/bazaar in Ermioni; we had visited it last week and we went back today for one last look. Like the previous week, the fruits and vegetables were remarkable; but this time we noticed that once the fish were out of their coolers, there was no concern about keeping them cold. Most would be eaten before the day was over, one would hope!

We bought a couple of souvenirs, and some grapes and a tomato to enjoy with our “last meal” the next morning.

The sun was bright and it was delightfully warm that day, in the low 80s, so we ventured back to the rock beach we had seen earlier in the week to enjoy floating in the crisp clear sea. That was just about the most wonderful part of the whole trip to Greece. Relaxing in that crystal clear water makes all thoughts of the hours spent on a plane and the security headaches fade away, leaving nothing but sheer BLISS!

Unfortunately, we had to eventually drag ourselves out of the sea and go back to pack for the return to our real world…sigh….

That evening we said goodbye to Ermioni with dinner at Kabos, the fish Taverna that Chris from Porto Heli had recommended last week. We enjoyed the best boiled octopus ever, a Greek salad (for one last taste of their wonderful tomatoes), and shrimp served with their heads still attached—a new experience for both of us.

Late Friday morning, we took the hydrofoil from Ermioni to Piraeus (with stops at Hydra and Poros). Fortunately, we had reserved a taxi to take us to our hotel because all of the Athens transit workers, including the metered cab drivers, were on strike that day.

We really had lucked out in terms of being around the civil turmoil in Greece while we were there. When there was a strike during the first week we were there, we had pre-paid tickets for the Hop on Hop Off bus, which is private, so we were able to get around. And due to our pre-paid taxi, we were able to get to our hotel in spite of the strike. Other travelers were not so lucky, scrambling to get to the airport and paying outrageous prices to taxi drivers who were driving their private vehicles.

Our hotel that last night was close to the airport, and they ordered a cab for us so getting to our flight was easy. The trip back to SF took over 20 hours door-to-door, but with the 10-hour time change, we arrived in SFO just a few hours from when we had left Athens. Of course, we had absolutely no idea what time it was or whether we should be ready for bed any time soon. That one we figured out pretty quickly but, of course, woke up in the wee hours of the following morning.

Small price to pay for spending four weeks in Paradise.


One thought on “Our Last Days in Paradise

  1. That old nemesis – jet lag.

    In the last two weeks I went off to Hong Kong and China and returned home to Florida, I am home now close to five days and still suffering the effects. They say 1 day of jet lag for each time zone differential. I left Hong Kong on Nov 9th at 935AM and Arrived in New York at 11.30 AM. Then had to wait a few hours before flying on to Atlanta then Sarasota, FL – ajnd I walked into my home at about 9:00 PM . Long day.

    A tour of the Greek island is amazing isn’t it. Thanks for the nice read.


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