Our Home Away From Home





Yesterday we took the ferry to Poros. We had docked there briefly last year and were eager to come back. What we didn’t anticipate, though, was being greeted by our hosts, Rik and Katerina! They ushered us, along with twelve other guests, to waiting taxis for the short drive to Odyssey Apartments (www.odysseyapartmensporos.gr).
After freshening up, we were all invited to gather for welcome drinks. after enjoying some ouzo, we sat down to a wonderful family-style dinner of mezes (small plates). These included three salads, meatballs, mousakka, sausages, and others all enjoyed with typically wonderful homemade bread and local wine. For dessert, there was Greek yogurt topped with homemade orange marmalade.
The other guests are from the Netherlands, Rik’s homeland and longtime friends of theirs. Fortunately for us, they all speak English. The dinner conversation was animated and congenial–I felt like we were in one of those Anthony Bourdain shows that I so much enjoy!
this morning we are invited to breakfast with everone, followed by some as yet undetermind group activity. Bob and I are still feeling some jetlag, though, so we mat opt to soend a quiet day by the beach. Oh, did I mention that it’s about 100 yards down road?

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