Poros Day Three

21 May 2012

Today Katerina (www.odysseyapartments.gr) took the group on a guided walk around the hills of Poros. Many, many steep hills and steps!

It is clear that she loves and is proud of her heritage as she told us of its history and architecture. An especially interesting custom she described was that tradional homes always have a courtyard, and in that courtyard there is a always at least one citrus tree and a jasmine plant. The tree represents prosperity, and the jasmin is about the love in the family. How charming is that.

She also walked us through the fish and meat market, where she ordered product that she would be grilling tonight for dinner.

Continuing the uphill trek (mainly stairs this time), we were treated to a light lunch while seated in a walkway that overlooks Galates, a village in the Pelopennese just a narrow inlet away from the Poros harbor.

Bob and I left the group after lunch because my knees and calves were getting sore from the unaccustomed uphill trekking. We walked down many winding stairs to get back to sea level! Once there, we enjoyed “freddo cappacinos ohi sugare” (iced coffee without sugar), strolled for a bit, then took a taxi back “home.” (It’s an easy enough walk to town, but a rather difficult 30+minute mainly uphill walk back, so the 3.50 euro taxi ride is well worth the price.)





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