Cruise Day Two

28 May

We departed Ermioni around 10:30 after a nice breakfast ashore where we shared an omelette — most dishes are so large we almost always share our meals–along with some cappuccino. Greek coffee tends to be strong and bitter, but they make amazing hot and cold cappuccinos with skim milk frothed so thick it looks and tastes like cream.

Our first stop, about two hours later, was for a swim stop in a small bay adjacent to Spetses. Bob and Russell went in for a swim–the water is still too “fresh” for me! Then we enjoyed a lunch of Greek salad that Russell made, some bread and dips, and the rest of Bob’s cake from the night before.

We left there around 2:30, setting off on a 2+ hour sail across the Argolic Bay to Leonidin, an ancient fishing village, where we anchored in Plaka (the port).

Plaka is in a small bay with a nice swimming beach at one end and stone docks on the other. One the other side of the Plaka is the open sea, with a very long beach. It is rocky and unprotected, and there was no one swimming this day. However, there is a nice waterfront bar, with palamas-type umbrellas and chairs–very tropical and inviting. There was hardly anyone there today, but I’m sure these are quite busy during the high season.

The Plaka is a traditional fishing port with docking space for 9 or 10 sailboats. I think a few power boats could fit into the shallow end, though none were there.

This is certainly (and delightfully) not a tourist mecca–there are four estiatorios, one beachfront bar, and a “supermarket” where one can pick up a few staples.

There are “traditional” villages scattered about the mountainous terrain, the nearest 5 km away that can be accessed by taxi (we saw only one cab that seemed to routinely go back and forth). Roger, Micheal, Russell, and the chaps from the sister boat went to eat and party. We chose to eat earlier at a waterfront taverna.

It was very traditional — the proprietor offered no menu but, rather, a tour of the kitchen to show us what was being offered that day, accompanied by a singsong kind of dialog that contained lots of “my friends” and “please” and thank-yous. After we placed our order, he gave us each a complimentary glass of ouzo–not so unusual and very welcoming.

After we enjoyed our meal — amazing tomato-stuffed egpplants, artichokes and potatoes in lemon sauce, and spaghetti and meatballs, with rose as always, he brought us dessert “on the house”– some yummy yogurt topped with a homemade fig sauce.

We finished aroud 9:pm and had planned to play Yahtzee for a while, but when we got back onto the boat we both decided we were ready to crash for the night.




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