Greek Odyssey2012 Part Two

26 May

We felt sad about leaving Odyssey today, we had been made to feel like family, but we were excitedly looking forward to next chapter of our Odyssey–a 7-day sailing charter around the Argolis Bay arranged through

We had offered to help Katerina upgrade her website by editing the text into clearer English. She had shared with us her thoughts about the Greek economy and her concerns that, althought they were doing well at present, they are anticipating business will drop as the economy doesn’t show signs of improving any time soon. So they’re trying upgrade their marketing and entice guests from other parts of the world, like the US. That’s why the professional photographer was there–he was taking photos for them in exchange for a week’s stay and board for him and his companion.

I rewote one of her pages, with which she was very pleased. In return, she welcomed us to stay in our untit until it was time to go to the docks. I plan to work on the other pages as time and internet access permit while we’re cruising.

At 5:pm, we boarded Imagika, a 45-ft Jenneau, our new Home Away from Home. Although the vessel can welcome up to 8 passengers, there was only one other charterer, Russell. He ‘s a young man from London who works for Lateasail (, a yachting brokerage firm in the UK that arranges yacht charters all over the world. So this is a working vacation, for which he constantly pinches himself to see if it’s true. This is his first time sailing — how better than a cruise around Greek islands!

The Skipper’s name is Roger, and his son Micheal came along as crew. Both are from Birmingham,
England, though Roger has lived here in Poros for six years. Roger is also Owns Imagika and charters her through Greek Sails (

We and Russell spent the first night on board, Roger and Michael came aboard the next morning. And the adventure began!


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