Cruise Day Four

30 May

Walked around Nafplio this morning. Our first destination was going back to the Italian gelato shop to buy a bottle of the Crema Limoncello we so enjoyed tasting yesterday. Then we walked to the plaza and had a brunch crepe at place enjoyed last year — for Greeks they sure know how to make a crepe! It was huge, almost the size of a pizza, and was filled with ham, cheese, and mushrooms. Then we walked around bit more, and I found a pair of gauzy, flared cotton pants that beckoned me to take them home.

We left Nafplio around 1:pm, setting off for Astros, another small port on the Peloponnese. The weather had been stormy and we were weary, so we stayed on board until it was time for dinner. Which was unfortunate because it looked like a delightful village village with interesting shoppes…a retail experience lost!

Roger ( had arranged dinner at a small estiatorio of a friend who, in addition to having great food, also makes his own red and white wines. Dinner was good–the wine was superb. So much so that we bought a bottle, at the astronomical price of 7 euros. The plan was to bring it home, but that’s not quite what happened. Not for the obvious reason, though. Apparently the cork was not tight enough so it opened and spilled in the suitcase! Fortunately, it was white wine….

Looking up the hill


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