Cruise Day Three

29 May

Slept pretty well last night, though the hard beds are beginning to get to me — I soooo miss my Sleep Number Bed!

There are public showers in this Plaka (port), and we really enjoyed that rather than crunching in the small head (bathroom) on board. Then we went in search of breakfast, only to find no one was serving it. So we went to the little supermarket and bought eggs, tomatoes, and bread and enjoyed those with along witih tzatziki (yogurt, garlic, and cucumber spread).

Today’s destination is Nafplio, which was be a 4+ hour trip depending on the weather. We left a 10:30, with the plan to motor for part of that way, until the wind should have come up around 1:pm. Unfortunately that did not happen and we ended out motoring the whole way. Storm clouds appeared as we were nearing the city but, fortunately, dissipated quickly.

We arrived in Nafplio around 2:pm, and this time we side-tied. What a pleasure to simply step off the boat! We went immediately to check the famous Italian gelato shoppe that we’d visited last year. To our relief, it was still there.

The owner, a jovial man from Sicily, greeted us with a taste of their specialty flavor, a dark chocolate with hazel nuts, then offered us tastes of other flavors. I tried and decided to have tiramasu, and Bob decided on vanilla with whole cherries. Deliciosos! We knew from last year that if we showed interest in his liqueurs, he would give us a taste. This time we chose Crema Limoncello and decided that some of that had to come home with us.

Then we went off for a short walk to check out if a taverna we had enjoyed last year was still open, only to discover it was not. (It’s a sad sign of the times that many food and retail establishments have closed due to the economy and resultant drop in tourism.) So we decided we would probably check out Roger’s referral to a cafe that served really good gyros for dinner.

Finally, we set off to see our old friend Aris, the skipper with whom we did a daysail last year. He was sitting on Erata, his 43 foot GibSea that he docks along the cafes that dot the waterfront.

He welcomed us aboard, and we had a delightful chat during which he looked at the photojournal I wrote of last year’s trip. He read every page, and made very complimentary remarks about it. He also pointed out some errors, like my mistakenly identifying a lighthouse on the way into Poros from Pireaus as a church. Oh well, I tried.

As we left to have an apperitif and some dinner, he invited us to come back for ouzo and to watch the sunset. Nice.

After dinner and our sunset visit with Aris, we walked around the City a bit, and found the shoppe that sells items made of olive trees. Bob found a little mortar and pestle that he liked, and I some delicate earrings.

We strolled long enough for the retail to begin closing, sometime after 10:pm, then went back to the boat for the evening.




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