Poros Day Six

NOTE: It’s 6 June, but I just realized that I have not posted 25 May though I had written it:

25 May 2012

When we went down to breakfast, Katerina insisted we go sit on our deck as she was going to serve us there–Her way of saying “Happy Birthday” again. How nice was that.

We spent a quiet day, walking around and sitting in the sun. That evening she had planned yet another celebration, this time to say good-bye to eight of the Hollanders who were leaving early the next morning. After several starters, we were served the main course of Mousakka, a traditional Greek dish consisting of eggplant and ground meat with a bechemel topping.

Actually, it had been prepared by one of the guests in a cooking lesson, captured by the photographer as part of the publicity photography has was doing for Odyssey Aparatments and neighboring Greek Sails, the company we were chartering with in the coming week.

We said our goodbyes after dinner with lots of triple cheek kisses. When we went down to breakfast the next morning, they were gone — our little Greek family was slowly disbanding…8:(



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