Cruise Day Six-Last Day at Sea…8:(

1 June 2012

Waking up in Hydra was not exactly as we had anticipated. Rather than listening to the waves in the sea and hearing church bells, we were rudely awakened by lots of loud chatter and a crunching sound on the boat.

A fishing boat had jammed itself next to us, scratching the gel coat on Imagika along the way. There were loud and furious exchanges between Roger and the fisherman, culminating in the fisherman offering him fish in exchange rather than cash to repair the damage. Needless to say Roger declined. He said he new the owner of that boat and would catch up with him later.

There was trash all over the dock, donkeys standing by (not sure why), and the rather unpleasant odor that permeates fishing boats. Then, as those fisherman hawked their wares at passersby, another fishing boat anchored on the other side of us. As a result, the noise and smell doubled. Now 1 understand why Roger would have preferred docking on the other, more protected side of the harbor!

At that point, Roger decided unilaterally that it was time to leave. We were OK with that, though we would have liked to go ashore to get some breakfast and take pictures of the mayhem. All in all, though, a memorable experience that I suspect few tourists get.

We motored for about an hour to a small, secluded bay for a swim stop and to catch up with Iain and his crew for some picture opps.

I think I mentioned Iain in the blog about Bob’s second birthday cake in Ermioni. He is a personable young man from the UK who skippers and teaches for Greek Sails ( This week he was instructing three young men for a week-long Competent Crew class. One is an exchange student from Wisconsin studying for a semester in Stuttgart, and the other two are from Australia.

We had caught up with them when they docked next to us in Ermioni, then again in Nafplio. The hookup today was to stage photo opps. Russell wanted to get pictures of Imagika in action, and Iain wanted publicity pictures for Greek Sails ( And we were along to enjoy some exciting maneuvering and sailing.

The two vessels sailed side by side, taking photos of each other, for quite some time–up to the point that we were entering the Poros harbor. Who knows, we may appear in some pictures on their or Rusells’s company ( websites.


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