June 2-8: 6 Days in Ermioni

June 2-8: Six Days in Ermioni

We just spent a lovely R&R week in Ermioni, the village on the Peloponnese coast that we visited last year. We stayed at Philoxenia Ganossis (www.philoxenia-ganossis.com), same as last year because we had enjoyed it so much. I learned that philoxenia means hospitality, and they are definitely hospitable.

It was a relatively uneventful six days, with not much to report. Our days were spent walking, swimming off rocky beaches (the water finally got warm enough for me!), eating great food; visiting with folks we met last year; and sitting on our balcony reading, writing, playing yahtzee, and just enjoying the weather — mid 70s to mid 80s during the day, and high 60s to low 70s at night.

Will add pics when time and internet access permit.

We left this morning, a bit sad to be leaving but looking foward to the next chapter of our Greek Adventure: five days on the island of Sifnos. First we took the Flying Dolphin hydrofoil ferry to Pireaus, then transferred to a high speed ferry, Speedrunner4.

As I write, we are on Speedrunner moving along at about 32 knots for the 75 nautical mile crossing to Sifnos. From everything we’ve read, it is beautiful island, typically Greek, and has amazing beaches; also, it is said to be almost unspoiled by tourism. According to our travel agency (Aegean Thesaurus, http://www.thesaurus.gr — we found them over the internet last year and they’ve been were very helpful with our planning process), Sifnos has been given 9th spot of the ten “Best Islands in the Sun” by National Geographic in their 2011/2012 special edition “Journeys of a Lifetime, 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips”. Some recommendation!

We had not heard this when we booked this trip. We chose Sifnos because of our internet research; that it’s where Aegean Thesaurus is located and they can’t say enough good about the island; and it’s on the way to Santorini–which will be our next stop. Can’t wait explore it and share our thoughts and pictures. Stay posted.


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