About Sifnos

According to a guidebook put out by the Visitor’s Centre, Sifnos is:

“The emotive combination of the wild rocks, the blue colour of the sea, the snow-white houses with traditional earthen chimneys, the dry stone walls, the blue vaults of the churches, the dispersed monasteries, the endless paths, the wonderful beaches. The point of the West Cyclades where the enchantment of the Aegean Sea meets the tradition. The hospitable spot where you will feel the traditional Greek spirit in its very single spot. The place where the uniqueness of the scenery, the elation of the senses, and the Cycladic architecture meet in a background of a captivating sunset in the Aegean Sea.”

“Being Nikos Tselemente’s birthplace, the expert in modern [Greek] cooking, the island has unique tastes that make it stand out! … One of it’s [cooking] secrets? Cooking in the earthen utensils the ceramists from Sifnos have made!”

“Sifnos is the island for walking [and climbing if you’re so inclined]. Plenty are the paths that await the excursionists! Many of these lead to breathtaking firths that could otherwise be accessible only by caique or private craft, and to wonderful hermitages for the enthusiasts of adventure or those who want to explore the island inch by inch.”

On leaving the island, one thing is certain: “Sifnos will fascinate you! And as a contemporary siren it will call you back again and again, always near it!”

All very poetic, and also true….





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