A Morning in Mykonos

Monday AM, 18 September 2012

The Windmills

After an excellent breakfast at Anastasios-Sevasti Hotel, complete with made-to-order eggs, we decided to spend the last morning of our vacation wandering through Mykonos and finding our way to the famous windmills.

As we walked down the road that leads to the windmills, we saw them in the distance – a sight that tugged at my heart because I had seen them so often in travel books. We wandered in that direction, taking in the changing scenery as we went. Unlike Mykonos Town, this area is more traditional with residences, supermarkets, and the like. The striking thing is that almost all the buildings are white stucco, with most doors and shutters painted blue. Churches are also white, with red doors and domes. It’s a very striking sight.

As we neared the windmills, the street got steeper and consisted of stairs along the road to facilitate walking. I was totally in awe when I saw the windmills up close—they are a magnificent view. I was disappointed, though, to see that their “sails” had been removed. Seems to me they’d be even more striking with that white cloth on their spokes. Oh well.

Famous Windmills of Mykonos

Roadway/Stairs Leading to Windmills and LIttle Venice

Little Venice

The more amazing sight, though, was that of  “Little Venice” along the coast below from the windmills. These were the ones I’d seen in so many travel shows and articles, not the coast along the port in Mykonos Town. For me it was actually heart tugging sight. My only disappointment was that it was still so windy that sitting at one of those coast-side tables was not possible. So we oohed and ahead, took some pictures, and started back to the hotel as we would be taking the ferry to the mainland after lunch.

Little Venice Tables Along the Sea

The village streets, those not as ornate as those in Mykonos Town, are just as charming– narrow, winding flagstone walks lined with white stucco buildings. There were mostly residences along this walk, with occasional tavernas and retail.

We found a cab, went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, then had him drive us to the port where we would catch our ferry to the mainland. Sigh….

“Little Venice” Village Square

Residential Lane

Street Leading Back to Port


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