Auckland Day Three: Just Doing “Stuff”

Today we decided to be locals rather than travelers and do errands. First on our list was to find a camera store so that we could buy a spare battery for our new camera, as the one we ordered prior to the trip never arrived. We found two stores on Victoria Street online; however, neither had the battery we needed, but we were able to order one and will pick it up on Monday.

Then we went to Countdown, a supermarket that Gus, the camera guy, recommended on Victoria Street. Unlike the World Market, it was a large market not unlike those at home where we were able to select some staples. The bonus was it had a huge selection of wines, mainly local, and all reasonably priced. We recognized Jacob’s Creek as a label we had had in the past and selected two bottles of rose—one still and one sparkling—at less than $10 each. We also bought some red grapes marked “from California”—a nice touch of home. After enjoying some lattes at a coffee shop across the street, we headed back up the hills.

On the way to Cafe Nelson across the street for breakfast in the morning, we had noted a sandwich board in front of a nearby pub, The Empire, advertising “Scotch Steak with Slaw and Fries” for $10 with the purchase of a drink. Sounded like a good deal, so we went there for dinner. I had the $10 special–it was really quite good in an old-fashioned way—definitely not trimmed of fat…what the heck, I rationalized, we’re on vacation. Bob had a grilled calamari salad that was equally good (and much healthier).

After dinner, we decided to check out the nightlife at and around the Sky Tower. Wow, we certainly were not disappointed, it was a hub of activity: restaurants and bars with outdoor seating and lots of great people watching. An interesting observation we made is that most people were generally very well dressed, with most of the women in nice outfits and high heels.

We sat in the outdoor seating area of Rebo, a restaurant inside the Tower, and enjoyed a couple glasses of a very nice sauvignon blanc, amid the hubbub. It cooled as the sun dropped (after 8:00 pm—it’s late Spring here), so we want back “home,” looking forward to the next day’s planned activity: Exploring the America’s Cup Viaduct Harbour on the newer side of the waterfront.

Photos to follow…


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