AUCKLAND DAY NINE: Visiting the Auckland Museum

We used the final day of our On-and-Off bus tour to complete their second route that covers more local sights, then got off to visit the Museum and Wintergarden. The Museum houses both a war memorial and an amazing cultural retrospective as well as special exhibits. On of these, Wearable Art, featured an amazing array of creative concepts. The requirement is that the “clothing” be wearable, not practical and many were fanciful and even absurd.

Wearable Art

Wearable Art


2014-12-18 13.44.25

More Wearable Art







The Maori exhibits contain some of the most amazing carvings we’ve ever seen, from tribal masks to seaworthy canoes. Each “tribe” (there were many) used a different method of carving; there was an area where men from five of the tribes demonstrated how theirs were created. Fascinating.

Maori Meeting House

Maori Meeting House

Hand-carved Maori sailboat

Hand-carved Maori sailboat








The Wintergarden is an absolute delight consisting of a “Fernz Fernery” (courtyard between two buildings with a small pool and lush ferns), “Tropical House” (very green with some flowers, such as orchids, like a mini rainforest), and “Cool House” dedicated to flowers of many varieties and colors (my favorite). Across the street is a the Wintergarden Pavilion, a cafe restaurant overlooking a pond with a water cascade and a little bridge—both picturesque and relaxing. In my opinion, the Museum and Wintergarden are a definite must-see for Auckland visitors.

View of Museum from Wintergarden Cafe & Restaurant

View of Museum from the Wintergarden

Wintergarden Cafe & Restaurant

Wintergarden Cafe & Restaurant


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