War Memorial in Hyde Park

War Memorial at entrance to Hyde Park–building behind it is The Hyde where our friends live

After unpacking and settling in, we went out in search of breakfast. A couple of blocks away, we happened onto Macchiato Pizza Bar and Grill—the menu looked good, so we went it. It was a great choice—I had a wood-fired breakfast pizza that was one of the best ever, and Bob had a Mediterranean egg dish that was served on olive bread. The coffee was excellent and the service was friendly and efficient. Highly recommend Macchiato to anyone in the area.

Afterwards we walked to the World Square shopping center in the CBD (Central Business District) where there is a Coles supermarket (a local chain) to picked up some basic supplies. After dropping those off at the apartment, we decided to take a walk through Hyde Park to the Royal Botanic Garden and the Opera House.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Hyde Park

St. Mary’s Cathedral that sits at edge of Hyde Park

Walking through the Royal Botanic Garden was the first thing we did during our trip to Sydney in 2006. So we thought we were well-acquainted with the various pathways…wrong. Finding an entrance was easy, but it wasn’t the one we’d gone through before. After a number of wrong turns, we found our way to Mrs. Macquarie’s Point, a major landmark and from which there is an awesome view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Mrs. Macquarie's Point

View from Mrs. Macquarie’s Point

Beautiful flowers that we could not identify--Royal Botanic Garden

Beautiful flowers that we could not identify–Royal Botanic Garden







According to Wikipedia: Mrs. Macquarie was the wife of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1821. Folklore has it that she used to sit there and watch for ships from Great Britain sailing into the harbour.

After taking lots of pictures, we started to head back because we had dinner plans with our friends at 6:30. The Garden paths are totally convoluted and, if you’re not familiar with it, very easy to get turned around and lost in—which we did. By the time we found our way back to The Hyde, I was way too tired to go out for dinner so we stayed in and enjoyed some leftovers while our friends met up with their friends.


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