The New Year started off as gloriously as the old year had ended: We made our singing debut at the Sydney Opera House…really!

It happened like this: To start off the New Year in style, we got tickets to a Great Opera Hits performance by four of Opera Australia’s singers at the Opera House. They were doing famous arias from several operas: Puccini’s La Boheme, Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, Bizet’s Carmen and The Pearlfishers, Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffman, Delibes’s Lakme, and Verdi’s La Traviata.

The performance was held in the Joan Sutherland Performance Hall, where the full operas are presented (when we were there in 2006, we went to a performance in the concert hall, so it was nice to be in the opera hall this time) The moderator was very entertaining as well as informative, making comedic remarks as as he introduced each piece.

He announced before the intermission that we would all have the opportunity to make our singing debuts by joining in on a drinking song at the end of the performance, asking if we could guess the piece. We thought immediately it would be the drinking song from LaTraviata, which we had enjoyed participating in several times at Opera in the Park in San Francisco.

And, sure enough, the ensemble came out for an encore and sang that song, while the audience joined in the chorus…very difficult words—lala lalalalalalalalala lalalalalalalalala-a-a (repeated several times). At the conclusion, the moderator congratulated us for making our singing debut at The Sydney Opera House! After the performance, still feeling euphoric after our debut, we walked along the harbour prepared to sign autographs but, alas, none were requested…. sigh.

After a light dinner in an upstairs restaurant overlooking the ferry terminal part of the harbour, we took the light rail back “home.”

Outdoor cafe next to harbor near Opera House

Outdoor cafe next to harbor near Opera House


Walking down the Opera House steps


Opera House roof tiles

Opera House roof tile

Bar inside Opera House--we always order ahead for intermission drinks

Bar inside Opera House–we always order ahead for drinks during intermission


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