January 13: Visiting the Immigration Museum:
The Immigration Museum in Melbourne primarily focuses on displaying Australian’s immigration history. As part of that, there is a research room open to the public where one can research one’s ancestry as it relates to Australia.

Immigration Museum

Immigration Museum

According to family sources, my husband’s great-great-grandfather emigrated from England to Australia before finally settling in in the state of Washington. Nothing is known about his and his brother’s stays in Australia, just that they were there. So we decided to see if we could do any meaningful research. Unfortunately, we did not turn up any information, but did find out some specifics about how records were kept that could assist us with future research.

2015-01-14 12.26.24

City skyline–note colors on some of the buildings

January 14: Taking a River Cruise
The Yarra River ambles through the center of Melbourne and is very picturesque. Two river cruises are offered, one to the upriver, away from the City and the other downriver. We opted to take both though, as it turned out, the upriver one was not very exciting. The downriver, on the other hand, was beautiful. It passed under several bridges, some barely high enough for the barge to navigate. Some of the them were really old, others very modern. It was not unlike taking a river cruise on the Thames in London.

Classic rivercruise boat

Classic river cruise boat

2015-01-14 14.01.26

Railroad bridge with interesting sculptures all along







"Cheesecake" building--another example of architecture / urban art

“Cheesecake” building–another example of architecture being urban art

My fave bridge--interestingly, the pillars on either side are not attached to the bridge

My fave bridge–interestingly, the pillars on either side are not attached to the bridge








Beer Garden--also a bistro and cafe

Beer Garden–also a bistro and cafe

After the tour, we walked around downtown and found an urban beer garden right in the middle of the City! After enjoying a cold local beer, we took the tram back “home.” As it was Wednesday and the night market at The Vic was on, so we got some take-away crepes to quietly enjoy in our studio rather than amidst the huge, noisy crowd at the market. Showing our ages, you think?

We called it an early night as we were being picked up first thing in the morning to go on a Mornington Peninsula wine tour.


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