While at Turtle Beach, we took an all-day 4WD tour to the Tamborine Mountain. It was a great day with many beautiful sights.

2015-01-18 09.00.322015-01-18 09.00.07Probably the most exciting part for me was seeing marsupials in the wild – an awake koala, a wallabee with a joey in the pouch, and kangaroos staying cool under some trees.

2015-01-18 10.19.01 2015-01-18 14.42.43 2015-01-18 17.09.47

(An interesting fact we learned about wallabies is that they can have as many as three joeys at a time–two in the pouch, each born at a different time, and one on the way…joeys stay in the pouch for six months, and during that time the mom feeds each the nutrients appropriate for its stage in life. Additionally, there can be one outside the pouch that she’s still caring for.  Guessing that’s also true for kangaroos–no wonder they call it sustainable meat. We enjoyed roo meat both as burgers and as steaks–it is very lean as well as tasty.)

After a rugged 4-wheel ride to a view overlook, we stopped at a rainforest for a guided walk to a beautiful waterfall2015-01-18 11.40.17 2015-01-18 12.45.15






We had Devonshire tea in a lovely garden2015-01-18 11.58.08 and went to a nature preserve than had an elevated walkway to protect the forest and led to a rope bridge.2015-01-18 15.38.54




2015-01-18 15.40.42



After a BBQ lunch that included the opportunity to swim in a small mountain pond and having a lesson on throwing boomerangs, we headed back to town. It was during the drive back that we saw the wallabies along the side of the road–talk about an Aussie way to end the day!



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