CRUISING AROUND NEW ZEALAND–Final Port of Call: Bay of Islands

The exciting thing about this stop for us was that we would be returning here for the last four days of our holiday. We had planned this as some R&R time before flying home–and we were not to be disappointed!

The daily edition of Celebrity Today described the the Bay of Islands as a l6 km-wide inlet located at the northeastern coast of the New Zealand’s North Island. The bay has many interesting historic towns including Pahia, Russell, Waitangi, and Kerikeri. Those who love beaches consider these some of the world’s finest.

Shuttle buses took us to Pahia, our destination for the day. We walked around the beachfront part of the town but didn’t take any pictures because we would returning the next day. Then we went to the ship to pack out as requested–our luggage would be picked up that evening and be ready at the dock the next morning.

We awoke around 6:00 am to see the city of Auckland lit up from our stateroom, a familiar as well as beautiful  sight. We off-boarded and took a taxi to SkyCity, home of the Sky Tower, to catch a bus back to Pahia later in the day. As it turned out, we were able to catch an earlier bus and got there mid-afternoon. Next post: Four days in a small piece of paradise….

Final cruise sunset...calling us back for more!

Final cruise sunset…calling us back for more?

Looking out at the city of Auckland--note the SkyTower in the center background

Looking out at the city of Auckland–note the Sky Tower in the center background

2015-02-08 09.49.27

Celebrity Solstice at the Port of Auckland–our stateroom was in the fourth level from the bottom, first one on the left…highly recommend taking a stern cabin for this cruise, the 180 degree view of the fjords was priceless





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