Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bainbridge is a small island only a 30-minute car ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle. However, it couldn’t be more different  than that city–it consists of beautiful homes and limited commercial development surrounded by dense forests. Their summer has been unseasonably warm and dry, but you couldn’t tell with all the green growth and lush flowers. Poulsbo, near which the class reunion was held, is just over a small bridge from Bainbridge, on the Kitsap peninsula. It also is lush and green, and connected to the mainland by a slightly shorter car ferry ride.

Bob’s Class Reunion spread over two days. Friday night was his Class of 1965’s 50-year Reunion, held at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino and Resort  near Poulsbo. It consisted of a cocktail reception followed by a buffet dinner. Bob introduced me to a number of his former classmates, and we enjoyed some interesting conversations about events spanning the past 50 years. Heard lots of interesting stories and a few funny ones.

On Saturday, there was an all-years reunion encompassing Bainbridge High School’s 1938 to 1980 graduates. The event was sold out at 600 attendants and was held at the Resort’s Kiana Lodge, situated along Agate Pass. It was spread out over the event facility’s two buildings, around a beautiful lawn with lush plants and flowers. The weather was great and everyone circulated while enjoying cocktails, appetizers, and a light picnic-style meal.

2015-08-08 16.08.38 2015-08-08 16.12.022015-08-08 16.14.03

Upon returning to the Resort, we decided to sit on an outside deck with a glass of wine to enjoy the view. However, the weather changed and it began to rain lightly, so we found a seat inside by a window. As the clouds changed and the sun went in and out, we were treated to the most amazing rainbow show. It was huge, spreading from as high as we could see down to the waterfront, and so vivid it reflected on the trees along the bank. The following photos were taken with Bob’s phone–imagine the image a really good camera would have caught! An amazingly awesome way to end our stay.

We would happily return to the Clearwater for a future visit, and highly recommend it to anyone planning to visit the area.

rainbow2 rainbow1








On Sunday, we drove to Bellingham with Bob’s brother Paul and his wife Celia–who are vacationing on Bainbridge–and had a lovely dinner with his 96-year young aunt Leanna and cousins Kay and Mary. A really nice way to end the Washington State part of our trip.

Tomorrow we continue our Pacific Northwest adventure take Amtrak to Vancouver, British Columbia.



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