Inside Passage Alaska Cruise Part Six: THE HUBBARD GLACIER

We set our alarm for 5:30am but awoke without it, excited about today’s “tour”—cruising along the Hubbard Glacier. We’d attended an onboard lecture and seen pictures the day before, and were eager to see it “up close and personal.”

About Hubard Glacier Scenic Cruising from Celebrity Today newsletter:

“”Sweeping mountain vistas, hanging glacial valleys, icebergs, and glaciers await you …. Grab your cameras, binoculars, dress warmly and join us outside as we explore one the most dramatic pieces of glacier scenery in all of coastal Alaska.”

The descriptors didn’t begin to compare to the the sights we saw as we cruised along for over three hours—mountains, waterfalls, icebergs, and glaciers that spread out for miles along the sea. Add to that seeing the sunrise and it was a morning not to be equaled!

We cruised the remainder of the day, observing beautiful coastline until nightfall. Finally, were treated to a beautiful sunset. Pictures are worth a thousand words, I need say no more about today….










Tomorrow, we would dock in Seward where the cruise ends. From there, we will spend ten days exploring some interior locations: Seward, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Chena Hot Spings Resort, and Fairbanks…stay tuned!


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