We spent our last full day in Alaska exploring downtown Fairbanks. Unlike most of the places we visited, Fairbanks is not totally tourist driven. In fact, it was a Sunday and many of the restaurants and stores were closed. Two things that we did visit that are especially worth noting are the Fairbanks Ice Museum and the Visitor’s Center.


"Bar" in Fairbanks Ice Museum

“Bar” in Fairbanks Ice Museum


Ice Sculpture

Ice sculptures

Reindeer next to Christmas tree

Ice reindeer next to Christmas tree






Our final day in Alaska was one of major travel: flight to Anchorage, followed by flight to Seattle and, finally flight home (sunny Santa Rosa, California). The weather was just wonderful when we arrived, and it was nice to site on our deck and reminisce about our Alaskan Adventure.

I hope you, the reader, have enjoyed it vicariously through this blog and will join me again for our next trip—three weeks in Mexico during the month of November. A special thanks to all of you who have “liked” my posts. Though I do it for my family and friends, it’s nice to know this effort reaches fellow bloggers from all over the world. I look forward to checking out each of your blogs—thank you for sharing your experiences.

–Claudette Carr


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