PARIS Part Five: Visiting the Musee d’Orsay

We decided today would be museum day—first the Musee d’Orsay then the Rodin Museum. It turned out that was much to ambitious a plan, one museum a day was all we could absorb. So we went to the d’Orsay and put the Rodin on our list of “things left undone so that we have to return” list.

We visited the d’Orsay in 2004 and were looking forward to seeing it again as it had been retrofitted and renovated. The first impression walking in was that it didn’t look that different. Then I noticed that the huge clear glass clock that was so prominient before seemed to be covered. My recollection was that it one could walk past the cafe on an upper level and right up to the clock and look out at a panoramic view of the city that included Sacre Coeur in the distance. No more! The Cafe d’Horloge has been expanded and remodeled with the clock wall is its centerpiece, but not accessible to walk by. Must say I was disappointed about this.

Cafe d'Horloge

Cafe d’Horloge

Clock up close

Clock up close

However, the rest of the renovations are pretty amazing—more gallery space, better lighting, improved traffic patterns.



Entry level







As always, I was enthralled by the Impressionists gallery, crowded these exhibits usually are. There were several Monet’s that I don’t remember seeing (he’s my favorite artist) and some very appealing and stunning paintings that I had never seen. It’s difficult to take pictures of pictures and have them look good, but here’s try at it:

Unfamiliar Monet

Unfamiliar Monet

Another unfamiliar Monet

Another unfamiliar Monet

Vuiilard (in unusual frame, surrounded by gilded and classic wooden ones)

Vuilard in unusual shape and frame under glass


Another unusual frame, especially as it is surrounded by gilded and classic wooden ones



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