Magnificent Europe River Cruise: COLOGNE, GERMANY

After a delightfully relaxing cruise from Amsterdam, we made our first stop in Cologne, Germany. Our destination during a guided walk was the city’s famous Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)—the most visited building in Germany. Begun in the 13th century, construction was not completed until 1880. The 19th century work is not discernible, though, as it follows the medieval forms and techniques. High Gothic in design, its many spires are extremely tall, said to be reaching toward God.

Made of sandstone and really quite dark in color--not gilded as photo suggests, picture taken in bright sunshine

Made of sandstone and really quite dark in color, not gilded as photo suggest–picture taken in bright sunshine. Note scaffolding on left side–part of the ongoing maintenance.

Arguably the finest Gothic interior to be found, Cologne Cathedral also contains remarkable medieval stained glass. The nave (main body of the church) is very dramatic, being over 157 meters tall (500+ feet). Unfortunately, because it was Sunday and there were ongoing masses, we could not walk through. But we did get a peek from the back as one of the services eneded.


The cathedral is located a short walk from the river, in a very busy city square surrounded by retail and eating establishments. One can only imagine what it was like in medieval times.


Next stop: Rudesheim





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