Magnificent Europe River Cruise: RUDESHEIM, GERMANY

Rudesheim is a wine-making town in the Rhine Gorge and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our focus for this destination, though, was not wine-tasting but, rather, a guided tour of the Seigfried Mechanical Music Instruments Museum. Housed in a medieval building, the collection holds one of the world’s biggest collections of self-playing mechanical instruments from the 18th-20th centuries.


Organ music sound from this one

The guides are in old-world dress. Ours was the (great?)granddaughter of the founder and she was aboslutely charming and clearly loved her work as well as her family’s heritage. She sang along with some of the instruments as she displayed them, and even invited audience participation for one instrument. It was a charming as well as unexpected pleasure to discover this actually well-known gem though we had not previously heard of it.


This plays two violins in addition to the piano and the sound is amazing

After that visit, we walked through the picture-book charming streets of Rudesheim.

street street2






Before returning to the ship, there was one more unexpected pleasure: what was referred to as a coffee tasting at “Rudesheimer Schloss.” I do not drink coffee in the afternoon, but thought I would just take a sip. Well, we are not talking coffee, we are talking COFFEE.

We were led into an absolute charming cafe where we were presented with a coffee drink that was a nectar of the gods—coffee that was created by first flaming some brandy in specially-shaped glasses, then adding coffee, chocolate, and cream…OMG!cafe

Servers preparing "coffee" -- note the shape of the glasses

Servers preparing “coffee” — note the shape of the glasses

From there we returned to the ship for the daily Happy Hour followed by another gourmet 4-course dinner.

Tomorrow’s port of call: Mittenberg





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