Magnificent Europe River Cruise: NUREMBERG, GERMANY

Nuremberg is on the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in the German state of Bavaria. During World War II is was an important site for military production and, as a result, was severely damaged in Allied strategic bombing. It is infamous for having been the site of the Nuremberg trials during which German officers involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity were prosecuted.

Nuremberg is also famous for its gingerbread–I never knew so many varieties existed–plain, chocolate-covered, glazed, fruit-filled, w/almonds, crisps (as in flat cookies like ginger snaps, our favorite). No gingerbread houses here!

Our walking tour was to the fortress that had protected the village in medieval times. Interestingly, many parts of the wall that was built around the village still exist. The fortress, along with many parts of the city, were badly damaged from bombings during World War II and have been rebuilt.

One of several ancient city gates still standing

One of several ancient city gates still standing


Walking into the fortress

At a wall where we could look down into the city, our guide pointed out and showed us an original picture of where the worst damage occurred during WWII. Most of what can be seen in the foreground of the next picture was completely destroyed and rebuilt after the war.

View of city from the fortress

View of city from the fortress

Nuremberg is probably the most well-known German location of World War II, but there was widespread damage that guides in different towns and villages talked about, noting that period as “the dark time of our history.” Reconstruction is ongoing to this day. We were fortunate in America not to have been a part of the bomb-related devastation of that war.


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