Magnificent Europe River Cruise: SALZBURG, AUSTRIA

Today was a very special treat: a trip to Salzburg, which is Mozart’s home and the location for the story of the Trapp family in “The Sound of Music.” During our walking tour, we went through a garden in which one of the movie scenes took place.


Our destination was the famous St. Peter’s Stiftkeller Restaurant for a very special musical lunch. St. Peter’s is believed to be the oldest documented restaurant in Europe, having first been mentioned in a document by a scholar in 803. Forced to close for Napoleon’s invasion, it is not technically the oldest European restaurant in continuous operation; however, it undisputedly boasts the earliest founding date and having hosted cardinals, kings, and presidents.


Archway in the courtyard near St. Peter’s

The cruise personnel outdid themselves by getting us seated (all 120+) in a private dining room for a performance featuring a chamber orchestra with singers doing pieces from Mozart operas in period costumes. It was like stepping back in time!


We had a three-course meal with very nice wine, but have no recollection of what we ate—I was so taken with the performance that that’s all I can recall. I could almost picture Mozart chasing his wife Constanza around the tables (as in the move Amadeus)!

It was raining and very cold when we arrived in Salzburg, and it was Sunday so everything was closed except souvenir stores. We didn’t do much browsing after lunch but, rather, we waited inside our meeting point (the University Church) to rejoin our group and go back to the ship. By then, the rain had turned to snow, which made the path slippery but the whole scene quite picturesque.


Main University Church altar -- there were four others

Main University Church altar — there were four others



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