Exploring Central Europe: PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC

After getting settled in our HomeAway, we walked around to check out our new environs. We were staying on Halveska Street, which is part of the pedestrian district of Prague’s Old Town. It is the site of the Ovocny Market, an outdoor market that dates back to the 13th century. Vendors sell produce, fresh honey, sweets, flowers, arts and crafts, leather goods, wooden toys, ceramics, and other authentic souvenirs. There are also take-away sausages and, best part for us, hot mulled wine (with or without added rum)—great for heating up cold hands as well as warming up the insides.

At the opposite end of the street is the picturesque Church of St. Havel established in 1232. It was locked so we could not go in.


Today was November 14, the reason for this trip: to celebrate my milestone birthday. Which? Well, let’s just say it was an anniversary of my 50th birthday. What does one do to celebrate a special occasion in Prague? We decided on a dinner cruise along the the Vltava River that flows through the city.

The cruise was very nice. There weren’t many guests, so it was relatively quiet and very enjoyable. There was live music—a young guitar player—and a buffet featuring local food…sausages, cabbage dishes, bread and potato dumplings (dumplings are not what we’re used to but, rather, a spongy, meatball-shaped carb that absorbs the various sauces served with them). There was also soup, salad, beef goulash, and smoked fish. The boat was dimly lit, and it was cold and rainy out, so we unfortunately did not get any pictures.

One thing that surprised us was that we went through a lock during the cruise. Had not expected that, and it might have been exciting if we had not gone through over 60 of them during our Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise.

Afterwards, we took a taxi back “home” and went into “our” Italian restaurant across the street for a nightcap before calling it a (birth)day.


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