Exploring Central Europe: PRAGUE PART THREE

When we caught a cab to get back “home” from Prague Castle, the taxi driver spoke no English except to ask “where” and to tell us the fee when we got there. We couldn’t give an exact address because it was in the pedestrian area and he couldn’t drive there, so we tried to tell him about a location we thought he’d know in Old Town. He understood that to be “Old Town Center” and dropped us off nowhere near where we expected, but smack in the middle of the Old Town Square we had tried unsucessfully to find—a happy accident.

The Old Town Center is a beautiful square surrounded with outdoor cafes along with souvenir and other retail stores. It is where the famous 600-year-old Astronomical Clock is located, affixed to the 12th century Old Town Hall. Although it was drizzly and very crowded, we were thrilled to have finally found it.



One thing that caught my eye each timew we browsed through local gift shoppes was the Bohemian crystal—it is exquisite and very reasonably priced when converted to the USD. We had made a decision to buy some wine glasses, but had not yet decided on a pattern.

After browsing a bit, we decided to walk back “home,” which turned out to be easier said than done! The cobblestone streets curve around like intersecting snakes, and every time we asked directions we were told something different. Finally, two clerks in a retail store set us off in the right direction and we found our way back.

By this time, we were ready for dinner and decided to go to Mustek, a Czech restaurant we had been passing by that had an outdoor rotisserie with a succulent piglet grilling. Each day that was featured on their menu: grilled pork meat, apple and horseradich sauce, cabbage salad, pickle, mustard, and bread. It was delicious, one of the trip’s most memorable meals.

Tomorrow’s plan: Day trip to Cesky Krumlov


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