We are on a new adventure—a month in Italy. So in the coming weeks I am going to write about this trip; I will  complete my blogs about Vienna, our subsequent time in Munich and our last, brief stop in Reykjavik at a later date.

The planning for this adventure began when friends invited us to join their group on a 10-day cruise from Venice in early June. We accepted eagerly–we had been talking about how to celebrate Bob’s upcoming milestone birthday at the end of May, and this was a perfect lead-in to that discussion.

Bob’s 65th birthday celebration in Ermioni, Greece

We decided to extend our time in Italy prior to the cruise, and spend nine days in Rome; eight days in Florence; and four days in Venice. Then, on June 5, we would board the Celebrity Constellation and cruise down the Adriatic with stops in Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. Then on to Naples and Sicily, and back to Venice.

We are now in Rome, staying in a funky penthouse in the Trastevere neighborhood that has a huge terrace and a rooftop with awesome views. It is near the West Bank of the Tiber River and walking distance or short taxi rides to many of the famous sights. Little did we know when we chose the Trastevere that it dates back to medieval times. We learned that it was  originally not part of Rome but, rather, a destination for immigrants and undesirables. Eventually it was incorporated into Rome, and today it is known as “Rome’s Favourite Neighborhood”–a foodie’s paradise with a lively night life.

View of St. Peter’s Basilica dome from our rooftop

View from other direction





Walking across the nearby Gariboldi Bridge over the Tiber River


Looking on the other side of the bridge

Up Next: Taking the On-and-Off-Bus















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