The weather was mostly unsettled on Day Five, with some really heavy rain like the previous night, though no thunder or lightning. We took this as a sign from the gods that it should be a day of rest. Day Six was a lovely day, and we decided to check out the famous weekly flea market held in our neighborhood, the Travestere.

To say it was humongous is an understatement. We walked through a more or less straight line of vendors for almost a mile, with no end in sight. And there were avenues of sellers that extended into side streets along the way as well. The booths were a combination of new and old, from clothing to household goods, to electronics and more—lots of souvenirs for tourists while locals appeared to shop for day-to-day items. A bit surprisingly, there were no foodstuffs among the vendors, though some cafes along the route were open.

Later in the day, we decided to do further exploring the neighborhood. The led us to Santa Maria Plaza, an obvious local favorite where lots of folks either sat around a fountain or at their favorite café for coffee or a cold drink, and street entertainers performed–a great place for people watching. That’s where we discovered Aperol Spritzes, popular “tall drink” with locals and our new hot weather favorite.

Musicians playing near us–church is in right background, and part of fountain can be seen in middle foreground (behind bass player)

Enjoying an Aperol Spritz–note the potato chips, seem to be a very popular snack in cafes.

We had a lovely dinner at a ristorante near the Plaza, then called it an early day in anticipation of our walking tour with Antonella of Rome’s most famous plazas tomorrow.


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