Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian-born 20th century artist and architect who worked also in the field of environmental protection. He stood out as an opponent of “a straight line” and any standardization, expressing this concept in the field of building design. His best known work is considered to be Hundertwasserhaus in ViennaAustria. Characterized by imaginative vitality and uniqueness, it has become a notable place of interest in the Austrian capital . (source: Wikipedia) His work is fascinating, as is his biography; I recommend the reader check it out.

Australian friends introduced us to Hundertwasserhaus Village during our recent Grand European river cruise. We returned there a second time during our subsequent stay in Vienna to get a better look at it. We had rented an apartment i n the same district and were able to walk there. During an On-and-Off bus tour, we saw another example apart from the Village that we learned was Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics Business).

(Some pictures are duplicates from a post of day in Vienna during the river cruise; it is the most unusual urban art we have ever seen and worth repeating.)

Street view of Hundertwasser Village

Entrance to Village gift shop featuring Hundertwasser interior architecture

Village courtyard fountain

Courtyard Apartments

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

From Vienna we took a train to Munich and spent five days there; then flew to Reykjavik, Iceland before going home…stay tuned for future blogs about our adventures in these cities.


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