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I started painting with acrylics in October 2010 at the Marcy Wheeler Studio in Walnut Creek, CA. My friend Joanne Taeuffer, an accomplished artist, introduced me into the Thursday morning group. Now, at jt’s urging, I have decided to go public!

This “Colorful Flowers” exhibit is actually on my studio/living/dining room wall at home. In October, I’m going to exhibit the large framed piece in the middle, a 24×30 canvas that I call “My Sunshine,” at the El Cerrito (CA) Art Association Annual Exhibit. I’m both excited and nervous about that. Wish me luck!

my colorful flower wall

My Colorful Flower Wall

ECAA Art Show Exhibit, October 2011

Young Artists in the Family

Meet Shawna Gayle Lamothe, my almost-11-yr-old granddaughter (in 2011), and my 10-1/2 year old grandson Danny (July 2012). The picture of me and Shawna is from our painting day when she visited in September 2011. She painted the 11 x 14 canvas she’s holding–her first time using acrylics (from a picture of her favorite rabbit, Zephyr). I’m holding a picture of “Viking” that I painted for her as a gift. In the bottom left, she is holding a watercolor canvas she painted from a photo I gave her of a sunflower in Monet’s garden in Giverny. It was a Christmas 2010 gift and her first painting effort — quite impressive, wouldn’t you say! She also enjoys working with oil pastels. Amazingly, Shawna was born on my birthday, Nov 14, which is also Claude Monet’s birthday — coincidence?

Below Shawna’s artwork is a picture of Danny when he visited recently (July 2012). He is also a budding artist. He painted the flower canvas to his immediate left when he visited in December 2011, and the two sunsets to his left were done during his July visit this year. Rather impressive, wouldn’t you say? He said that my paintings (on the right side of the wall) inspired him — how cool is that! (The print on the left side of the wall is a Monet, from which I take inspiration.)

P.S. Don’t know why Danny’s picture loaded over those previously posted of Shawna, some sort of WordPress layout thing, I guess.

Danny proudly displaying his work — December 2012

Shawna and Grandmom Sept 2011

Shawna and Grandmom Sept 2011

Shawna in my "studio"

Shawna painting in my “studio”

Shawna’s sunflower (right), December 2010


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