Looking down a side street toward the sea

Looking down a side street toward the sea

Caye Caulker, about 20 miles off the coast of Belize, can only be accessed by boat or small plane. A limestone coral island, it is five miles long by about one mile wide. The Mesoamerican Reef is located about a mile offshore, so close that waves breaking over parts that extend out of the sea are visible from shore.

There are no paved streets, just roads of a fine white coral sand. The modes of transportation are walking, riding bikes, or driving golf carts–there are no cars, only a few construction-related trucks.

Walking down the beach toward the Village

Walking down the beach toward the Village

The cocopalm-lined beaches are stunningly beautiful and the water along the beachfront is crystal clear and calm; unfortunately, it is not swimmable as the bottom is silt with lots of sea grass into which one sinks.

Swimming area at The Split

Swimming at The Split

The northern and southern parts of the island are separated by The Split, a narrow channel that was created partly by nature and partly by man. Already there naturally, it was expanded as a result of devastating Hurricane Hattie in 1961, then dug out manually to to be deep enough for small boats to pass through. There is a very popular swimming beach here, along with some small restaurants and bars. Unlike the quiet solitude of the village beachfront, there is a lot of activity and loud music in this part of the island. Not our speed, but nice if you like it.

“Relax” and “Go Slow” are the unofficial slogans of the island, and with the exception of The Split, Cay Caulker is the most laid-back place to which we’ve ever travelled!





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